We are pleased to introduce the next step in the evolution of The Stock Investment Guide software. This software was developed to provide fundamental stock analysis for individuals and for stock clubs. A key underpinning of such analysis software is the company data required to drive the analysis. While automated software is a significant improvement over the early days where we performed analysis with graph paper, pencil, and ruler, much of these advantages disappear without easily accesible data.

The large data services are not individual investor friendly. They carefully guard their data service with license agreements to restrict how their data may be used. If you were to approach one of these services about starting your own .ssg data service, you would discover that their minimum amounts are in the tens of thousand dollars. Much of the restrictions are driven by the data services’ desire to not allow professional users (brokers, investment advisors, etc.) to have access to their data at consumer prices.

Within this context of the large data services, Better Investing & Stock Central tightened access to their data service through automated means (e.g., software programs). They currently only allow automated access to their data service for customers using their own Toolkit software. One representative told me that their plans also include eliminating the manual downloading of .ssg data files from their web site by 2016.

Fortunately, some new data providers are aware of the situation for individual software developers. They are working hard to make services available to individual developers at prices that are reasonable by using a sliding subscription scale.

We are pleased to introduce the Stock X-Ray data service for use with The Stock Investment Guide software. We are debuting the service with Introductory Pricing for one year. We want to price our service to be competitive with the other options. As we understand the demand for this service, and the data availability grows, we will be able to announce pricing for subsequent years. In other words, we are stepping out on the “build it and they will come” approach.

We encourage you to read our FAQ and request a free trial code. Visit our Online Store to subscribe.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the available data services:

FeatureX-Ray DataBetter InvestingAAII SI Pro
Annual Cost$70
(Introductory Price)
+$29 Membership
MagazineNoneBetter InvestingAAII Journal
Access MethodAutomatedManualManual
(Single File Download)
Integrated with Stock Investment Guidecheckmarkxmarkcheckmark

*Includes required membership subscription.


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