X-Ray Data Service

Are annual high and low prices for a company’s fiscal year?

Yes, the annual high and low prices are calculated based on the company’s fiscal year. This is important for calculating annual high and low PE ratios, which are based on company earnings, which are by fiscal year.

Are there any limitations to your service

Yes, there are three:

1. At product launch, the service covers more than 2,700 stock tickers. That obviously means we have room to grow. We are working closely with our data provider to expand the tickers covered. Have a special request? Use our contact form to tell us which missing ticker is important to you.

2. Because the data service requires multiple internet calls to retrieve all of the required data, bulk updating of data is not available on the SIG Library page.

3. Our license does not allow you to sell or distribute the data in bulk. In other words, you can’t give a bunch of data files to a friend in order to avoid paying for the service. See our Terms of Service.

Can I send a .ssg file to a club member?

Yes, you can provide a file to a club member. You can’t distribute multiple files to another person to avoid paying for the data. You also may not charge others for access to the data.

Can I use the X-Ray Data Service with Toolkit?

Not directly. You can use the Stock Investment Guide to download data for a company, then export the .ssg data file. This exported data file can be imported into Toolkit.

Do you have .ssg files available for download?

Not exactly. First, we don’t have a web page information page for each ticker.

As we grow, we hope to add a secondary distribution license with our provider that would allow for us to redistribute data as .ssg files. You can, however export a single .ssg data file from the Stock Investment Guide software.

How do I use the data service?

First, make sure you grab the latest copy of the Stock Investment Guide software. The update includes data service capabilities.

Once you enter your product key in the Stock Investment Guide preferences, you will have access to the data. Open a new, blank analysis window (Command-n on Mac, Control-n on Windows). Enter a ticker symbol and press the Fetch SSG button.

The process requires multiple calls to the internet in order to assemble all of the data. Therefor, it may take a few seconds to complete the retrieval.

Then, complete your analysis and save the results to your library.

How to I subscribe to the X-Ray Data service?

Subscribing is easy. We are offering a 1-year, non-renewable introductory price for the X-Ray Data Service. Subsequent to the this initial period, we plan to offer the service as an annual subscription.

The process is simple:

1. Visit http://churr.com/store to pay for a subscription.

2. We will send a product key for the Stock X-Ray data service, usually within 24 hours.

3. Open The Stock Investment Guide software preferences > Data Service tab and enter your product key. Click Save.



What are the license terms for the data service?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.


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