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Portfolio Analysis Review

The Portfolio Analysis Review software has many wonderful features. This software is a companion to our highly acclaimed Stock Investment Guide. One of the most important points to using this software is that it requires completed stock analysis files. You must own Stock Investment Guide™ or similar software.

The screen snapshots to the left will demonstrate how easy it is to use PAR to analyze your portfolio.

Step One: Portfolio Analysis Review begins with the open dialog, where you will select a folder containing your analysis SSG files. Once you click OK in the file dialog, all of the .ssg files will appear in the left most column.


Step Two: Next, select the stock files in the leftmost column that you want to include in the portfolio analysis. You can choose multiple files using the shift key, or the command key (control key on Windows). Then you simply click the "Add to List ->" button. The selected files are then displayed in the rightmost column.

Step Three: Once you have your list of stocks completed in the rightmost column, click "Done" to open the Portfolio spreadsheet view.

Step Four: The portfolio will be displayed in a spreadsheet window, with each company displayed in a single row. Rows can be reordered by simply clicking on a row and dragging it to a new location (as shown in the figure to the left).

The VIEW menu will allow you to toggle a key for the columns (that labels the columns "B", "C", "D", etc.). If the key is visible when you print, a small key will be printed at the bottom of the PAR report.

Columns may be resized by grabbing the divider between the column headers and dragging.

Step Five:
If you prefer, you may sort your portfolio on a number of different factors, by simply clicking on the column header. A second click reverses the sort order.

Step Six: Print your Portfolio Analysis Review report. The report should be printed in landscape mode. Windows users will need to set their print margins to a small value, like 0.5 inches.

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