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Nestled in the Tennessee Valley, Huntsville, Alabama is home to Brad Taylor who is a rocket scientist (really). Brad was a long-time Macintosh user, but he felt abandoned when the single developer of stock club software stopped supporting his favorite operating system. The Stock Investment Guide fills a niche for stock club members, regardless if they use Windows or OS X.

1. Why are you called Churr Software?
We picked Churr for our name for a number of reasons. First, we wanted an unusual, but easy to remember name. The name is also unusual enough that we were able to secure a one word domain name, which is almost impossible to achieve. Also, we like the definition of Churr, which is a "vibrant noise" (like that made by a bird or an insect). Our logo is a representation of a Churrinche, a bird native to South America.

2. Are you affiliated with the NAIC, the national organization for stock clubs?
No. Churr Software contacted the organization multiple times during the development of the Stock Investment Guide. The author has been a member of NAIC since founding his stock club in 1990.

3. Are you affiliated with Stock Central?
Churr Software has been in discussions with Stock Central. We participate in their user forums, and have a relationship with Stock Central. While we cross-promote our products, we don't have any joint financial interest. We are both interested in promoting the growth and development of stock clubs.

4. Why don't you use any of the terms familiar to stock investment clubs for the stock analysis and forms?
The Better Investing/NAIC holds trademark registrations and copyrights for terms like "Stock Selection Guide" and "SSG." Since NAIC does not have a business relationship with Churr Software, we must remain independent and use our own terminology. You will find the transition to the Stock Investment Guide to be very easy and seamless. Other club members using "approved" software will easily understand your stock analysis.

5. Does your software perform technical analysis?
If you are asking this question, you are not familiar with the type of stock analysis performed by stock investment clubs. You need to research and understand this type of analysis before purchasing our software. Visit the NAIC's website at betterinvesting.org and read about stock clubs and their approach to stock analyses.

6. Does Churr Software offer investment advice?
No! Our software is a tool for stock club members, and does not provide any investment advice. See answer 4 above.

7. Is a Windows version available?
Yes. We have many satisfied users on the Windows platform. Please visit our online store and try out our free 30-day demo.

8. What are the system requirements for Stock Investment Guide?
For the Macintosh version, you need a Macintosh with OS X 10.4 or greater. All of our applications are Universal Binary.

The Windows version requires a Pentium or better, Windows 2000, or later.

You will need an internet connection if you want to download NAIC stock data for your stock analysis (highly recommended). You will need a printer if you want a printout.

9. Does Churr offer stock data that can be downloaded?
No. However, we highly recommend a data service, since they are really a great value. Using a data service with the Stock Investment Guide will save users a great amount of time.

Churr Software recommends signing up for Stock Central to use their data service. They currently have a promotion for 45-day free trial. (Annual membership costs $39.) Stock Central includes some other great features with you subscription. The Stock Investment Guide is fully integrated with the StockCentral data service.

BetterInvesting.org (NAIC) also offers a Stock Data Service. NAIC Membership costs $79 per year. SIG 3 is fully integrated with the NAIC.

AAII also offers a stock data service called Stock Investor Pro.

SIG also includes an option to automatically extract data from free internet sites. This option provides the minimal data for completing a stock analysis. You must verify the accuracy and completness of the free data. (This feature is likely to break any time the internet data source changes their web page(s).)

9. How do I learn how to complete a stock analysis?
First, we highly recommend that you find a good stock club in your area. Clubs are a wonderful way to learn about investing by actually investing. You can also check out this online tutorial. SIG also has Help built into the software that can lead you through the basic steps of completing an analysis. Stock Central's online forums offer an excellent place to discuss an analysis with other members who follow this analysis methodology.

10. How do I know your software performs the correct analysis?
Brad, the founder of Churr Software has been a member of NAIC since 1990. He founded a local investment club that has invested every month since that time, building a club portfolio of more than $300,000. This is not due to any individual achievement, but rather by participation as a member of a successful club. His club members have compared their results with other analysis methods and continue to use the Stock Investment Guide for their analyses. Lastly, you can download the free demo version to see how the software works.

11. How do I exclude years of "outliers" data in the analysis?
You can exclude any particular year by clicking on the year label at the bottom of the graph. Also, you can click on the year in the Price and Earnings History table (this is on the Analysis tab). Additionally, an individual High PE or Low PE may be excluded by clicking the particular cell in the Price and Earnings History table in the Analysis tab.

12. What are the limitations of the demo version?
You can use the demo for free for 30 days without any limitation. Once 30 days have passed, you can purchase a license to continue using the software. Please note: The registration is not returnable. Once you have made your purchase and the registration has been emailed to you, no refunds will given. After all, you have the opportunity to try the software for a full month before you make your purchase.

13. How do I submit a bug report or ask for help?
Read how to write a good bug report, and use the Contact Us form to send an email describing your problem. Usually, we can easily solve any issue you are having.

14. What should I do if I still have questions?
Visit our contact form . We will gladly help you with any questions you may have.

15. Where can I find finance-related websites?

SIG 3 includes an integrated web browser that will link you to a variety of online resources to learn more about the company being analyzed.

16. I can't download data from Stock Central. Help!
Better Investing changed some security settings on the Stock Central data feed. You must use SIG 3.1.7 or later if you use Stock Central.

17. Can I get a refund?
Once you have received your registration, a refund is not available. You can use the software for 30 days without paying (you can test drive the software for a month absolutely free). One the registration number is sent to you, there is not way you can "return" the serial number for a refund. The truth is you could continue to use the product even if you did receive a refund.


* This site not affiliated with the National Association of Investors Corporation (“NAIC”) in any way,
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The author founded a successful investment club and has been a member of NAIC since 1990.


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