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We have updated the online tutorial originally by Doug Gerlach that will help you understand SIG's analysis.

I finally checked out the updated version of SIG. Wow! I really like the ability to have the software organize analyses...

Thanks for your help. I am impressed with the speed of your responses.

Thanks for your wonderful program. :) [It is] the center of my investing life :)

I'm just now getting used to SIG3 and wonder why I didn't upgrade sooner!

After using 3.0 for several months, I love it. Signficant improvement over
any previous version. More robust, more features, more valuable.

I am going to be the proud owner of a new Macbook Pro laptop soon. I currently run your wonderful program on my Mac Powerbook G4 laptop.

I'm just now getting used to SIG3 and wonder why I didn't upgrade sooner!

Your support is amazing.

I finally checked out the updated version of SIG. Wow! I really like the ability to have the software organize analyses and have all three pieces in one place. Even better, though, is the ability to have a few basic pieces of information from each analysis shown and the ability to sort by them. I can immediately see what looks promising, what I should ditch, etc.

I am so happy to find Mac software. I am the financial partner for an 11 year club and we used the Mac until the NAIC discontinued support. Then I bought a Dell laptop which developed major problems within 3 years but I managed to keep minimally functional with the help of a nephew. ... I decided it was time to throw in the towel and live without the software. I am so happy I was able to find some Mac-friendly software.

I absolutely love your program. Version 3 is infinitely better than version 2.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you for all your hard work. You make investing so much easier and I really appreciate everything you do.

Thank you. I love this software – had saved me few times from pitfalls and bad decisions.
Owe you much !

Thank you very much! I'm up and running and I already love it. Thank you.

Also, importantly, I should add that I thoroughly appreciate your developing this software, regularly updating it and responding to the few emails that I send you from time to time.

Your response rate & service are great!

Thanks for the amazingly fast customer service!!

If you need any testimonials for customer service, you can certainly have one from me! (Actually, every member of BearEnd Investors!).

Hey. I think you should feel pretty good about SIG2 when you compare it to the New [other software product name removed].

Did I tell you I love your program, it ROCKS! Your program puts the fun back in [stock analysis]!

Your software is magnificent, more than I expected.

Outstanding! I really like the enhancements this version contains. Thanks for the great support and the terrific program.

You are the "ideal" supplier of software!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how responsive you are!!!!!

I am now evaluating all my options of Investing support and strategy.
There is no question that your service is the best value anywhere!!!
I need to look closely at all the things I'm doing to determine what to buy/use/etc.

As far as value...you have no equal!!

BTW, the software is great so far. I had been struggling along with [software name deleted] which hasn't been updated for Mac since 1994 and would no longer work with my new operating system. Thanks for making something easy and useful.

Thanks. Software looks awesome!

Really enjoying your product,
As I am fairly new to all of this. Its a real help in analyzing the stocks.

I had previously bought a copy for Mac for my dad, and he loves it. So you can be glad to know you have a repeat customer, and I have passed on the ease of use of this program to all the members in our investment club. [Note from a Windows customer.]

Thanks for this great application!

I really like the changes to SIG 2.0. I am particularly fond of the nicer looking reports.

[SIG2] has instantly became one of my favorite tools for stock evaluation and analysis. THANKS FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL PRODUCT.

Thank you Brad!
I really like your SIG[2] program! I just activated successfully with the registration code provided and it's working great!

Thanks for your efforts on a great piece of software. The enhancements and the update of printed reports are great. [Stock Investment Guide 2]

Well..., you've done it again. I am really impressed with the great service you have provided, but I've already told you that in the past. [Stock Investment Guide 2]

I like the new version. [Stock Investment Guide 2]

You are my hero. ... You seem to work very hard to help me study stocks...

You are always so prompt in your responses to questions. I appreciate that. The new program looks very nice! [Stock Investment Guide 2]

Just have been using the three SIG, CAR and PAR. Really nice upgrade. Well worth the money.

Wow! Once again I am blown away by your quick response.

"We have a few people in our investment club that use your software, and we all think its a great product."

"Wow! This upgrade worked like a charm. Thanks for all your hard work."

"It works like a charm on my Intel based MacBook!! You are the best."

"I can tell you that my Mom swears by SIG, and uses it all the time."

"We also have a lot of Mac users in our club, and Churr Software has done a much better job helping my members through getting their software to work with the [NAIC] access changes than [another software vendor] has."

"My club members were impressed. I just signed up for the Better Investing data (Online Premium Service/OPS) and the fast report creation is great."

"I am most thrilled and relieved to have your excellent software. After 10 years of doing SSG's partially with the computer (analysis) on an old antiquated MAC SSG program, and doing graphs manually - yes manually - on the SSG hard copy form, I am now freed from that chore. So far it looks WONDERFUL! No longer will I be the odd ball in my investment club who owns the funny MAC and could not do what the others did with their IBM based PC's.

By the way, you gave me the best support I have ever had in my life... Thanks for your patience and great help. I hope you develop more programs for us to purchase. You are on my hero of the year list."

"I am enjoying my Churr "SIG" software very much. It is easy to use and very helpful to me in my investment club."

"First, I want to say how PLEASED I am with SIG. My club meets in a public space...where WiFi is available and I amazed the group yesterday when another member asked about updating an SSG for a holding of ours, and I updated right then and there."

"Until you made SIG, I had suspended my membership with NAIC as that organization failed to port their software to Mac OS X. With SIG, I now have the best of everything in one place. Shame on NAIC, but kudos to Churr!"

"Hallujah! It worked! Do you ever sleep?! Your promptness in replying is amazing — and truly appreciated!"

The ... SIG software is a pleasure to use."

"I am a user of your Stock Investment Guide and PAR software. Lov'em."

"I've been using Classic Plus and Stock Analyst and Stock Prospector on my G4 iBook with Virtual PC and Windows XP. I like your stuff a lot better."

"I have been using your software for over a year and I think it is great!"

"I belong to NAIC and this software pulls all the required stock data out [of] the NAIC web site in a flash."

"I was able to download an SSG from NAIC without problems. ... It runs so fast. Thank you."

"[I am] thrilled with the upcoming changes and [am] very impressed by your responsiveness."

"[Importing SSG data from NAIC] is a faster process in this implementation than on any Windows based SSG software I've used to date."

"Thanks for creating such useful and easy-to-use software."

"Hallelujah! ... this program is a much needed addition to the personal finance armamentarium of Mac users!"

"I do want to say that as a Mac user I find it so much easier to go with the Churr Software product."

"I am VERY pleased with this software. ...I will be recommending the SIG on the i-club-list. I am sure I will be using your SIG, and doing more SSGs now."

Hey, we are not making this stuff up! So, if you made it this far, why don't you visit our online store to purchase our products? We offer personalized customer service to all of our customers. In fact, our software has an "Email Churr" menu to link you directly with us!


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