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"I checked your [software], let me tell you that what you
have created is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G."

"Thanks for your wonderful program. :) [It is] the center of my investing life :)"

"Thank you. I love this software – had saved me few times from pitfalls and bad decisions. Owe you much !"

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Power, Simplicity, Results

Power, Simplicity, Results

The Stock Investment Guide uses a proven method of analyzing stocks, a method successfuly used by stock investment clubs worldwide. Learn more...

Integrated Data Retrieval

Stock Data For Your Analyses

SIG works with .ssg stock data files. Services such as AAII provide stock data files that are easy to import into the Stock Investment guide.

Universal Macintosh Version

Macintosh Version

You use a Macintosh for reason. The Stock Investment Guide offers the power and ease-of-use you expect from a well-designed application. Learn more...

Windows Version

Windows Version

We have many happy customers who analyze stocks on their Windows-based PC. Analysis results are comparable to more expensive Windows applicaions.
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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We have posted some comments from our customers. Read what they say about the Stock Investment Guide and how it has changed their investment experience.
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Learn How to Analyze Stock Investments

Easy to Understand Analysis

SIG's analysis approach has been used by stock clubs worldwide for many year. We have an in-depth tutorial of the analysis method. Learn more...

The Stock Investment Guide

See our overview of the Stock Investment Guide that will help you analyze your investments. Invest with intelligence!





If you aren't a Better Investing, Stock Central, or AAII member (all are subscription services), you can also use SIG to grab free stock data from the internet. Please try the demo to see the differences in the data sources.*

SIG works with the internet in unique ways, using exclusive features to understand the quality of potential investments. Users can view historical price graphs, research company news, research competitors, view SEC filings, get earnings estimates, and research technical analyses on the internet.

Churr Software also develops companion programs that are included with the purchase of SIG 2. The Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) and the Comparison Analysis Review (CAR). Visit our PAR page to see why portfolio analysis is even more important than your initial stock analysis and purchase decision.

NEW! We have added our first video screencast on our Support Page.

Easily share your analysis results with others using the NAIC* standard SSG data file format. You can also import SSG data files from friends and stock club members to learn more about investing and stock analysis. View our online tutorial to see more about using SIG for stock analyses.

Printing reports with the Stock Investment Guide is even easier. You can print a standard 2-page stock analysis report, a condensed Stock Summary Report (SSR)™, company performance graphs, plus all of the online research data available in SIG.

Portfolio Management...
As you become successful in your investment strategy, your portfolio value continues to grow. Eventually, the value of your portfolio far exceeds the value of any new investments being added to the portfolio. The importance of sound portfolio management increases as the value of your portfolio continues to grow. Churr Software developed the Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR), a software tool integrated into SIG 3.0 to analyze the stocks in your portfolio. Learn more about PAR's great features.

Stock Comparisons...
The Comparison Analysis Review (CAR) software allows users to perform a side-by-side comparison of up to four completed stock analyses. CAR uses SIG's .ssg data files to present four stocks on a single page, where users can highlight the best company based on each factor in the analysis. CAR is now integrated into SIG 3.0.

*Note: Some stock data services, such as those provided by the NAIC (Better Investing),, or AAII require an annual subscription. These services provide the complete data set used by SIG, while SIG's free data option provides a partial data set.

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