and Better Investing have been sources for providing data to the Stock Investment Guide software. This subscription service licenses stock data from Morningstar, which has been negotiating/enforcing licensing terms with Better Investing and Stock Central. For this reason, they are now restricting data access in 2014 to only their Toolkit product.

We have modified SIG (version 3.2.4 and later) to work with a folder of .ssg data files, so users can download a bunch of .ssg files from Better Investing or Stock Central, place them in a folder, then use them for analyses. It is an extra step users must perform, but is really quite quick to use.

We are working on alternatives for our customers who currently use Stock Central. Meanwhile, there are several options users have to maintain their ability to perform stock analysis:

We apologize for this inconvenience, which is beyond our control. Please understand we want to provide a quality product that maximizes the flexibility of stock analysis. We will offer every possible option to our customers for stock data which can be used in our software.

Here is the process to continue using Better Investing or Stock Central:
1. Log into your data service with your web browser.
2. Click Stock Data on Stock Central, or enter a ticker symbol in the lower field in the green area of the Better Investing web site.
3. On the Company Data screen that is displayed, click the SSG Data link above the company data.
4. The .ssg data file will download to your Downloads folder.
5. Enter additional ticker symbols to download additional data files.
6. I like to copy my data files to a folder on my desktop, called “SSG.”
7. Run the Stock Investment Guide > Preference > Stock Data.
8. Select the “Browse” button and locate your folder of data file (in my example, Desktop/SSG).
9. Make sure the AAII checkbox is NOT checked.
10. Click Save.
11. Use the Stock Investment Guide as you normally would.

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