Update of Stock Investment Guide

I wanted to post a special notice for some of my users. If you use the Free Data option, I am aware that this feature is not functioning properly at this time. This is due to changes in the data sources which cause the data to not be read correctly. I am working on a solutions, but the changes are extensive enough that I am having to complete quite a bit of new code.

So far, I have sales, EPS, net income, tax rates, and yearly high/low prices complete. I still need to see what data is available for dividends, book value per share, and quarterly results figures.

UPDATE: I now have dividends and book value per share complete. With the Annual Data table complete, I am now working on the quarterly results table.

If you are stuck and need a solution now, I recommend you try the free trial at Stock Central which does not require a credit card to try their service. In fact, I recommend their service for US equities. It is what I use in the Stock Investment Guide software.

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