Dividend Stocks for Growth Investors

I am beginning to develop class material for the 2012 InvestEd conference in Charlotte, NC on June 8-10. I have as one of my selected topics “Dividend Stocks for Growth Investors.”

I have some dividend paying stocks that have become a cornerstone of my portfolio, helping me to handily beat the S&P 500 in 2011 (and 2009-2010). Some of it has been because I used Better Investing principles and bought the stocks at reasonable prices, but reinvested dividends have contributed too.

Do you have any dividend paying stocks that have done very well in your portfolio? Add a comment below! If you don’t want to respond on the Stock Investment Guide blog, then use the Contact Us form and send an email message to me.

While I am writing about InvestEd, allow me the opportunity to encourage you to consider attending this conference. They have some great classes taught by outstanding instructors (and I am not talking about myself)!

Visit the InvestEd Registration Page for details.

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