Stock Investment Guide Updated to 4.0.2

We have updated the Stock Investment Guide software to version 4.0.2.

In case you missed our big announcement in January, the upgrade to Stock Investment Guide 4 is FREE for all SIG version 3 users. The changes in this version include:

  1. Changed the fiscal year display for companies reporting in January for their fiscal year end. Companies like Home Depot (HD) and Urban Outfitters (URBN) report the end of the 2014 fiscal year at the end of January, 2015 (and ocassionally it may even be the first few days of February depending on the accounting calendar).
  2. We have a feature that helps our Australian users grab a partial set of data, to which they must add hand entries of data to complete the analysis set. Some of the recent enhancements caused a crashing error if the data set had less data, which was fixed in this update.
  3. Updates to the US ticker symbols database for the Stock X-Ray Data Service.
  4. There were several bug corrections.

At Churr Software, we have enjoyed sharing the Stock Investment Guide software with our customers. This is a tool that allows individual investors to examine the fundamental performance of a company to determine if the stock price is reasonable. This empowers investors to avoid overpaying for stocks, thereby ensuring success on a regular basis.


We launched our new Stock X-Ray Data Service in January, and have been rapidly expanding the service since that time. Tickers are being updated and added to the service at a rate of approximately 500 per month. If you don’t see a US company included that you need, as a subscriber you can simply use our Contact Us for to get the company added to the priority list. Thus far, we have been able to get requested companies added in one business day!

This new data service is very important for our Stock Investment Guide users. A hard-fought lesson was that other data services don’t put our users first. When Better Investing moved to deny access to┬áthe Stock Investment Guide, even for their paying customers, our users were left without an easily accessible data source. While these users can download .ssg files manually from Better Investing, their representatives told us the download feature will be removed from their web site by 2016. Then what?

By developing the Stock X-Ray Data Service, our customers have a data service that is not subject to the whims of others. Now it is up to you, our users to make this work. We have made the finanical investment necessary to launch the data service, but we need the financial support of our user base.

Did you miss the free Open House for the Stock X-Ray Data Service? You can request a one-time trial code by using our Contact Us form.

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