Stock Investment Guide Updated to 4.0.3

We have another important software update for March! We updated the Stock Investment Guide software to version 4.0.3.

In case you missed our big announcement in January, the upgrade to Stock Investment Guide 4 is FREE for all SIG version 3 users.

The changes in version 4.0.3 include:

  1. Changes were made to the software to support the much-improved Stock X-Ray Data Service. See the article below for details.
  2. We have a feature that helps our Australian users grab a partial set of data, to which they must add hand entries of data to complete the analysis set. There was another crashing bug when some unexpected data was grabbed from the internet. This bug as been fixed.
  3. There were several bug corrections.

At Churr Software, we enjoy sharing the Stock Investment Guide software with our customers. This is a tool that allows individual investors to examine the fundamental performance of a company to determine if the stock price is reasonable. This empowers investors to avoid overpaying for stocks, thereby ensuring success on a regular basis.

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